Startup Frameworks

The most useful frameworks for successful startup founders and VCs I utilize in my job and mentoring. Stand on the shoulders of such giants as YC, 500 Startups, TC and Sequoia Capital. Don’t reinvent the wheel.


How did I get those frameworks? As I’ve been doing marketing since 2000 I’ve had a chance to accumulate big and small data from corporations, small ventures, own startups, open Google crawlers and API’s, white- and gray-hat marketing communities, helpful insights from colleagues. I've got the whole marketing stack expertise: customer acquisition, retention, performance and strategy that includes product-market-channels-model management - that is why there is such diversity among the frameworks. The final actual frameworks I use are the thumb rules of the Silicon Valley and competent VC/startup industry.

Bear in mind, all those marketing and startup framworks relate to the United States market only. They can be applied to other T1 countries (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ) usually, and they can give competitive benefits to startups and companies in T2 and T3 regional markets.

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