How Quora
Got Their First Users

Quora is a Q&A site where people post and vote for quality questions and answers. Founded in 2009 (Mountain View, CA).

Quora's Office Mountain View, CA

Adam D'Angelo, the founder of Quora (and the former CTO of Facebook by chance) and early Quora's employees invited their famous friends (e.g., Mark Zuckerberg) to join the site to post questions and give a quality answers. After the most of big names of IT-industry had their eyes on what Quora is, even more attention was brought by top startup-related media. E.g., TechCrunch was one of the best traffic sources for the early Quora's traction after Adam's connections.

The second growth hack of the team was seeding the site with quality contents by themselves (from both their real accounts and fake ones). That solved a "chicken-egg" problem, attracted more people to join the site and made Google Search - the primary traffic source for Quora even by nowadays.

Quora's Office Mountain View, CA
The 'New Features Gong' In Quora's Office

After that, the third eventual hack came into play - Indians gave Quora a real growth boost in the traffic (one time the traffic from India were much more than even from the US; it's been swaying between first and second places in all Quora organic traction since).

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