Email Benchmarks
For United States Startups

Email campaigns remain a vital channel of user acquisition, engagement and retention for startups of all types and life cycle stages.

Open Rate

Click-Through Rate

Click-To-Action Rate

Unsubscribe Rate

Abuse Rate

Cost Per Mille


Email campaigns remain a vital channel of user acquisition for startups of all sizes. The factors that affect your emailing performance are quality of your database (cold, subscription, etc.), content, targeting and timing.

How did I get those numbers? As I’ve been doing marketing since 2000 I’ve had a chance to accumulate big and small data from corporations, small ventures, own startups, open Google crawlers and API’s, white- and gray-hat marketing communities, helpful insights from colleagues. The final actual numbers for the metrics you see are the results of qualitative research. That means, first, I have an average (mean quantitative) values, and then manually match it with expert numbers (median qualitative). If both data fit - we’re good. If expert numbers go out - I adopt Bayes' law and Daniel Kahneman’s methods to balance the data.

Bear in mind, all those marketing benchmarks and startup metrics below relate to the United States market only. Though they can be applied to other T1 countries (US, UK, CA, AU, NZ), these metrics don’t represent traction benchmarks for startups and companies in T2 and T3 regional markets.

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